Introduction to React

This site demonstrates how to build web applications with React.

Why React?

React simplifies web development for everyone. It is used by the majority of JavaScript developers for the past several years. Its large, active community continues to innovate and excite users.

Is React.js right for me?

Whether you are a software developer, business owner, student, or scientist, React could have a place in your career or business. Most businesses need a website, and many businesses need advanced features on their website. React can do it all, and much better than website technology of several years ago.

Do it all, easier and faster

With React you can not only build any website, you can do it with code that is easier to read, takes less time to implement, and takes advantage of countless community driven libraries. Previously, you would have to switch between HTML, JavaScript and CSS files for similar components on the page. React utilizes JSX, a smarter extension to JavaScript, to put HTML and CSS inside JavaScript. React Components are sharable pieces of JavaScript for any type of frontend UI element you can think of.

While this may sound complicated, React is built around making things easy to use.

Who uses React?

React was created at Facebook and is used to drive the main websites of Twitter, AirBnB, Walmart and countless other companies. It's important that this isn't just a small part of these applications, the entire frontend application running in your web browser is now built with React. Industries everywhere are investing in React as a longterm solution to fulfilling their online goals.

What you need to know before React

There is some basic JavaScript you will need to know to start coding React apps. You may already be familiar with the basics of HTML and CSS, if not it is easy to get started. It's more often a small subset of these technologies that you need to learn, rather than learning them from front to back. You certainly don't need a degree in computer science to learn React.

Get started

If you're brand new to React, we recommend starting with our Hello World App.

If you want to learn at a professional pace, we have a free course available here.

🛈 React School creates templates and video courses for building beautiful apps with React. Download our free Material UI template.