What is React Codebase Consulting?

React Codebase Consulting is a service offered by React School.

It can be difficult for business owners to understand the pain points of their software system, which can lead to endless bugs and confusion. Hire specialists from React School to review your codebase, provide a detailed quality assessment report, and work with you to implement our recommended changes. We deal with all types of frontend technology, from HTML and CSS to advanced JavaScript libraries like React and Redux.

React Solutions For Ideal Clients

Our ideal clients will be looking to port their legacy codebase to React or redesign their app to Material-UI or other custom design system which we can recommend and implement. The reason that these are our preferred solutions is because the goals are typically clear from the beginning as they maintain existing business logic and are purely technical or design ports. Implementing new features or applications are more difficult but we are enthusiastic regardless to work with you on building out your new or existing React project.

Solution 1: Port Your Legacy App to React

We will port your legacy codebase (Angular, jQuery, Backbone, etc) to modern React JavaScript. This solution has a few benefits. First, porting to new code can typically be expected to improve quality and surface bugs from existing code, as we reverse engineer how your app works. Second, this process of refactoring legacy JavaScript to React has a fairly predictable timeline and clear goal, so you can be sure that outsourcing to us is a safe decision. Finally, best of all, as we weed out and consolidate duplicate logic or unnecessary styling bloat, you will end up with clean, maintainable code that your developers will love working with for years to come.

Porting your app to React is a smart decision but may not align with your current business timeline or schedule. We will work with you to take into account your business roadmap and implement new features as we port your application to new technology. We can work alongside your existing developers to ensure a smooth transition.

Solution 2: Redesign Website to Material UI, React CSS Rewrite

Your app’s original design isn’t usually its finest. We will redesign your web application to meet the standards of Material UI or other modern responsive design systems like Bootstrap. Web design doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, simple, elegant designs often come by subtracting existing design decisions. With our custom Material-UI solutions, we will confidently build you functioning web applications to meet your business needs and tailor the design to your brand as we go along the way.

Solution 3: Rewrite your React application

Sometimes a codebase isn’t getting the job done. Regardless of your current codebase quality, we will build a plan with you to rewrite your core React application and state management system.

What languages are covered

Most web-based React / JavaScript codebases will be accepted for review. Please send us an email below if you are unsure.

Schedule a React Code Review

Send us an email at with "Consulting" in the subject. In the body feel free to elaborate on your request to work with us with as many questions as you'd like.

For a fee, we will then arrange a React Code Review to review your React codebase or legacy JavaScript frontend codebase. We will assess the quality of the codebase and provide a detailed report around what we discovered. More than commenting on your code’s quality and modern standards, we will recommend specific architecture approaches to port your legacy code to React, improve your React code, and redesign your app to have a sleek, modern, mobile-ready look.

Upon completion of the React Code Review, we may offer to continue working together on helping you achieve your business goals with React.

We hope to have the pleasure of working together. Every business deserves to have good technology behind it, and we're confident that React is an investment that will last.

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