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Dear student,

Have you been stuck looking for ways to level up your React skills? Do you feel like you've been spinning your wheels trying to understand what projects to build next? Perhaps you've been sitting through hours of online classes, waiting for that moment where it all clicks.

Here's your wake up call: You have to start building projects. There's simply no other way around it. You can passively watch all the videos in the world, but nothing will compare to actually sitting down and building out real features.

When we say "real" features, we don't mean quick "todo-lists" or other projects that can be explained in quick blog post. The best way to learn is to watch an experienced developer build out complex features for hours on end, candidly describing their process, and not getting caught up in details that don't matter.

We did just that on 5 separate projects. And now, for a limited time, it's all available in one package created just for you.

Introducing the React Course Bundle.

What's Inside?

  • React Fundamentals: Getting started with the Create-react-app boilerplate and the Webstorm IDE, you'll learn console commands to learn how to install and build a React project on your computer.
  • Creating React Components: Learn how to easily create React components fast and build a collection of UI components you can use for any future project.
  • Styling Beautiful React Components: With styled-components, you'll learn the new standard for writing CSS within JavaScript. Learn principles of what makes great web design by building custom themes for your projects with custom colors, fonts and ThemeProviders.
  • Managing State: Understanding how to manage React state through React Hooks, Class Components, React Context, Redux and more.

Course #1: Build a Cryptocurrency Dashboard

34 Video Lessons
3.5 Hours
Full Source Code

Build a complete cryptocurrency dashboard from scratch with live data from the CryptoCompare API, customizable coin settings, searching coins, custom theme and more. Learn to build mobile responsive UI elements with styled-components and visualize data with HighCharts. Manage state with React Context and store data in localStorage.

  • Modern React Development with React & React Context API for State Management
  • Build a Complete CryptoCurrency Financial Reporting App
  • Styled-components: Dynamic CSS-in-JS
  • HighCharts : Graphing Historical Price Data
  • CSS Grid : Responsive Layouts
  • CryptoCompare API : Fetch Real Pricing Data
  • Moment : Date Manipulation
  • localStorage : Save Coins
  • See more details

Course #2: CSS Grid Mastery & React Instagram Clone

26 Video Lessons
2.5 Hours
Full Source Code

Two courses in one. First learn all CSS Grid properties with the Gridfolio App, exploring each parent and child property of CSS Grid. Then build the GridGallery app, an Image Gallery app inspired by Pinterest and Instagram built with React, React Router and Styled-components. The app is fully mobile responsive, dynamically resizing images to fit a smaller device. Selecting a photo opens up a post modal just like Instagram.

  • Explore the properties of CSS Grid, with over 100 example Grids
  • Build a complete Image Gallery app with React, React Router and Styled Components
  • Responsive Layouts: Use media queries and grid-template-areas to quickly build layouts for any device
  • Styled-components: Write CSS inside of React components
  • React Router: Learn how to restyle Links, matching routes with search parameters
  • Image Modals: Learn how to globally lock scrolling when an image modal is open
  • See more details

Course #3: Build a Grubhub Clone and Master React Hooks

34 Video Lessons
5 Hours
Full Source Code
  • Build a Complete Pizza Ordering Application for Customizing Restaurant Orders and Emailing Users.
  • Cutting-edge React Development with React Hooks : useState, useEffect and your own custom hooks.
  • Beautiful UI Development from Scratch with Food Grids, Popup Dialogs, Buttons, Input Controls and more.
  • Authenticate Users with Google to Login and Logout.
  • Firebase Realtime Database : Save pizza orders on Google's Serverless Data Platform.
  • Firebase Functions and Nodemailer: Respond to order generation by emailing users their order.
  • Ecommerce Patterns : Adding, Removing and Editing Orders, Calculating Tax and Totals for Dynamic Food Items.
  • See more details

Course #4: Build a Financial Dashboard

18 Video Lessons
2 Hours
Full Source Code
  • Build a Financial Dashboard with React Context and React Hooks
  • Modern React Visualization with HighCharts and React Virtualized
  • Custom UI Development with Styled-components
  • Implement dark mode with toggle
  • Style HighCharts Tooltip for an in-depth look at your data
  • Group data in bar charts with functional JavaScript data generators
  • Visualize millions of rows with a custom styled React-Virtualized table
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • See more details

Course #5: Pro React Debugging with 25 Exercises

41 Video Lessons
5.5 hours
25 Practice Sandbox Exercises with Solutions
  • Solve any React bug with 5 simple steps
  • Understand how code works without being an expert
  • Master must-know tools for JavaScript developers
  • Dive into open-source libraries like Redux and Material UI
  • Practice with 25 Beginner to Advanced React Debugging Exercises
  • Go-at-your-own pace with coding exercises that require no installation
  • Find and fix source code with Chrome DevTools
  • Troubleshoot network requests
  • Fix weird or unfamiliar bugs quickly and painlessly
  • See more details

Bonus: Material-UI Template + Tutorials

6 Video Lessons
1.5 hours
1 Downloadable Template
  • Explore a multi-page responsive dashboard built with React, Material-UI, Redux, HighCharts and more.
  • Intro to Material-UI Beginner Training
  • Material-UI Grid Tutorial
  • AppBar Tutorial
  • Tooltip Library Comparison
  • Material-UI Paper vs Card
  • See more details

Your Instructor

Lucas Salvatore is a Lead Software Engineer who has been building apps with JavaScript since 2010. In 2015 his career changed forever after experiencing the power of React. In 2018 he created React School and now teaches thousands of students around the world.

"Now is your chance to own my complete React course collection which was inspired by my decade of industry experience. It reflects not just the technology I use in the real world, but my philosophy for getting the important stuff done, and getting it done faster than everyone else.

I'm here to help build your dream career. Will you join me?"


The React Course Bundle

All 5 courses

+ Material-UI Template


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"The best course I have done so far while learning react"

"The best react course, no doubt you will learn a lot of cool things that the market is asking for right now, this course you develop a real project and in my opinion is one of the most complete I have done so far, so I bought the other instructor courses, as he has great teaching and the videos are short and objective. Congratulations and keep developing real projects that we use on a daily basis. Sorry for the English, I used Google Translate. "
"Fast paced, not for beginners which was exactly what I was looking for. A good project to test my skills on styled components. And what a great approach, never thought context API would be so on providing access to global utilities. Great course!"
"Course was wonderful! was able to complete from start to finish! instructor is very thorough, also learned a whole lot! thanks!"
"I love this course. It is guaranteed to take your skills to that next level.You should have some basic experience in react and ES6 to fully benefit from this course. "
"I have taken several React courses, but this by far is the best I have seen and tried so far. I am now going to start on the Instagram clone from the same provider. Though not a beginner's course, this is a great confidence builder for someone who wants to sharpen their React skills. I will definitely do this project a second time, though not thoroughly overwhelmed, this project was really challenging. I just hope you will have an introductory course about Context and Hooks as a warm-up to those who will take your future courses. Please make some more. "

The React Course Bundle

All 5 courses

+ Material-UI Template


One time payment.

Lifetime Access.

Access Now

Expect to pay 50x more for similar programs

Some Bootcamps out there are charging thousands of dollars for a program where you build similar types of projects with React. Often, these projects aren't designed well, and it can be difficult to get information about how practical your experience will be. Sometimes, you will learn outdated information that isn't used anymore in the industry. With our React Bundle, you can be sure that the courses are all recently developed, updated and reflect what is relevant in the industry today.

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